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Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, Red Bank, NJ 

NOT friendly to women. The guys behind the counter openly ogle and discuss female customers, often loudly enough to be overheard. What may make good TV makes for really shitty service.

Rude about small purchases, always trying to sell “just one more thing.” Will ignore small purchase customers over those making a larger purchase.

Openly mocked an out Lesbian and Gay man while I was in store. Then they started to mock my weight and hair. Until they realized I could hear them. No apology (or Chase) was made.

Not handicapped friendly. Not friendly to anyone except “dudebros” or people they know.

I made several visits, about 6, over a three months period and was treated poorly every time, as were any other customers that weren’t dudebros or personal friends.

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    guess where I’ll never spend my money.
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    Can’t say I’m surprised. Kevin Smith is kind of a dick.
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    this super sucks! i went to the one in Westwood, CA before it closed down and everyone was really nice and personable?
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    I’m disappointed but I’m not surprised? guess where I’m not going
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    The Joker’s Child, in Fair Lawn, NJ, is one of my favorite dives, besides Zapp Comics in South Jersey, & Midtown Comics...
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    Fucking assholes.
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    That’s why the HFW project is trying to locate and recommend as many good shops as possible. We want comics fans - and...
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    This is pretty much what I expect from watching the show. Not a knock against Kevin Smith, but some of his employees...
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    This doesn’t surprise me in the least. I watched one episode of the tv show and was so put off by how they treat their...
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    This has made me feel totally okay with not watching “Comic Book Guys” when people kept telling me I should.
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    This bums me out a lot. Comics are so great and the atmosphere at a good shop is so much fun, even though there are...
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    the desire to avoid experiences like this is why I have never tried to get into comic books, despite being very...
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