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Comic Nirvana Lexington SC: Flag It

I’ve only been there once, sometime about eight months ago, but they only had two employees and I believe the one I talked to was either the manager or the owner (or possibly both.) I’ve been to some wonderful comic shops, some where the owners were just using comics to pad their gaming or trading card inventories and couldn’t give any comic information, and some miserable ones, but this was the worst one I’ve ever been to- We’re talking in twenty minutes, he hit every single flag possible.

I was browsing while waiting to meet someone for lunch nearby, and when I was pulling out the white boxes to look for some singles. I asked the guy behind the counter if he could help me (because I’ve got a weight limit and can’t bend too much due to spinal trauma), he asked me straight up if I was looking for the manga. I said no. He asked if that meant I was looking for a friend. I said no again, and mentioned I was a Marvel fan. He immediately asked if I was there for Hiddleston or Evans- I said, “Peter David’s X-Factor run, actually, unless you have Age of Apocalypse in Direct Editions,” which was why I was looking in the first place. He kinda stood up straighter and scoffed, saying no-one bought those so there was no reason to order them, but if I wanted a gay comic, a lot of the manga girls usually liked Young Avengers. “If I wanted Young Avengers, I’d’ve mentioned that. Or just got it off the shelf. So what is your big seller, Marvel-wise?”

"We sell a lot of Captain America and Thor because of the girls who like the movies. Guys don’t buy them as much now. They buy X-Men and Avengers. Oh, except, Incredible Hulk, that sells well, brown people love it."

I’m white-passing, so I stood stock-still for a second and asked, “Brown people?”

"Yeah, like, Mexicans and stuff."

I told him right then and there that since I am Mexican, and since he obviously wasn’t willing to help me with my AoA question instead of rant about how all women want is to gawk over Paramount’s casting decisions simply because I was one, he should just leave me to dig through the hard way for singles.

I would like to add because it’s in the submission guide that it’s one of the worst lay-outs for wheelchair access I’ve ever seen, too. Tag this with every flag you want, because it was just awful all over.

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